Learn more. It's just that I was SO disappointed, after having waited so long for something to fill the "Endless Ocean gap" and the reviewer was all waxing lyrical about this to me decidedly dull game, and that triggered me to make that comment. Play online, access classic Super NES™ games, and more with a Nintendo Switch Online membership. It's just my personal opinion, after having tried it for myself, that the game just isn't for me, and I found it VERY boring and tedious, and yes, the description of the game IS misleading. But now I need this game. Together, search for Pyra’s long lost home Elysium, the ultimate paradise for all of humanity. The game was published by Nintendo and developed by Arika. Endless Ocean: Blue World (JP:) (also known as Endless Ocean 2: Adventures of the Deep in PAL regions) is a 2009 Nintendo published, Arika developed, diving simulator video game for the Wii and a sequel to 2008's Endless Ocean.. Uncover the history of Alrest and the mystery of its endless ocean of clouds. But the best ship is located at coordinates 350, -400. I enjoy learning about nature. Hosted by 44 Bytes. Played it, and didn't like it. Endless Ocean sure would hit the spot on Nintendo Switch. Ocean biomes in Minecraft have seen significant changes throughout the Update Aquatic era, with a number of new species, shipwrecks, coral reefs, and ocean ruins added for flair and exploration.. Especially that last one. Note: This game is also titled Endless Ocean 2: Adventures Of The Deep and Forever Blue 2: Umi No Yobigoe. @ThanosReXXX Ah, the old trick of claiming opinion in an attempt to justify a belief and prevent it from being critiqued. Here, you will find a vast selection of … "ABZÛ" is from the oldest mythologies; AB, meaning water, and … Before that, the studio worked on Dr. Luigi for Wii U and a string of eShop-bound 3D Classics like Kid Icarus and Excitebike. I don't need more games. Endless Ocean puts you in the role of a diver exploring a tranquil sea teeming with marine life and stunning seascapes. Skip to content (319) 929-4817 Email Shannon. The controls will become second nature – you can toggle them on-and-off screen anytime – but the actual meat-and-potatoes movement will never feel smooth. It melds beautifully with the drip-feed storytelling and sci-fi workstation graphics to create an ambience quite unlike any other. Interesting! Nintendo Switch - Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Descend into the heart of the ocean where ancient secrets lie forgotten. It's different and doing something that I haven't seen before. See also: Endless Ocean Endless Ocean: Blue World (also known as Endless Ocean 2: Adventures of the Deep in European and Australian releases, or Forever Blue: Call of the Ocean in Japanese releases) is the second game in the Endless Ocean series of games, serving as a direct sequel to Endless Ocean.. It's only ever this interface – a two, three colour readout of the ocean's topography with readouts showing the names of entities, obstacles and locations you find. 3 years ago. Like the Super Mario Maker game on 3DS, this sequel for Switch allows you to make and refine (or entirely ruin) your own Mario platforming levels, offering near-endless … @nimnio Well, this review isn't part of the official description and promotional text of the game, so that's all after the fact. You will need to venture into underwater caves, abysses, and many other fairly beautiful and exotic underwater locations. Wishlisted it for now. Endless Ocean sure would hit the spot on Nintendo Switch. This article, looks "hopeful". Why not make it bigger? The somewhat finicky and leaden controls are actually a positive thing here – this far-from-intuitive little device you're operating must be learned. That said, there's something special about Arika's fanciful yet real-world-inspired story that has me craving more Endless Ocean. Thanks for acknowledging the composer as well. As picked up by Anime News Network, Nintendo has filed a trademark in Japan for Endless Ocean and another curious series: Cing's Another Code, otherwise known as Trace Memory. 1164, -208; Shipwreck. Podrška (+385) 1 6180 297. If you don't actually get to see ""beautiful, alien oceans" and "all kinds of wonderful creatures", then it should not be advertised as such. The World: The Game - Complete Edition - Still The Bob-omb 10 Years On, Mini Review Door Kickers - A Tough Tactical Take On That Old FPS Trope, Mini Review The Hong Kong Massacre - A Hotline Miami Clone That's A Little On The Tough Side. Thanks. While the two of you are exploring the ocean, you can communicate using a series of pre-set messages. Moje upoutávka na Endless Ocean 2... My trailer for Endless Ocean 2... Song: Celtic Woman - Walking In The Air You must search for treasures, fish and other items as you guide tourists, take underwater photographs for journalists and help the local marine life foundation to preserve nature. How long is the game, roughly? Can’t wait to dive in to this! Captured on Nintendo Switch (Handheld/Undocked), WRITHE - A Nintendo 64-Style Budget Blaster That Needs More Work, Wrestling Empire - A Love Letter To Pro Wrestling That Falls Foul Of Hilarious Bugs, Scott Pilgrim vs. Jan 16, 2008. But in all fairness, I was too harsh with the numbers. One player (either male or female) can go to every wildlife area spot around the world to find any kind of animal species in order to take its picture. Just bought it due to this review. Endless Ocean AU Review. There are barely any graphics to speak of (though the readout is far from unattractive), but the words are the real star here, creating this ethereal, unseen world in your head through clever, careful description. There was one point where you have to dive deeper through a crack in the ocean floor and it was pitch black. I was immersed in the moment of the unknown.x x x x x x x. Facebook page opens in new window Twitter page opens in … It's such a HUGE missed opportunity that you never get to see the supposedly "beautiful, alien oceans" that are mentioned in the description of the game. Summary: The beauty of Endless Ocean is that players can do as much or as little as they like. Surprisingly, we didn't notice any such problems in handheld mode. Will definitely pick this up in the future, my backlog can’t handle any more! You can post a hundred screen shots and trailers are quite often not indicative of actual gameplay, so it doesn't really require too much imagination to understand how someone could be tempted by this game, thinking it was indeed something like Endless Ocean or any other game along those lines. Something like 2016's Abzu, or the Wii's Endless Ocean series would be perfect for the Switch.

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