, I use to do jigsaw puzzles but now I do quilts. They are famous for wanting to lay right on top of whatever we happen to be working on at that moment. There are a few popular approaches when it comes to preserving puzzles: Use tape; Buy puzzle glue; DIY your own paste for puzzle preservation! I also tried contact paper, cut it into two pieces for our 750 piece puzzle to give an overlap in the middle, and rolled with a rolling pin for 5 minutes. After spending time completing a puzzle, preserve it by gluing the pieces together. Let dry and Voila!! I have a few completed puzzles that I want to frame , thanx.. and btw.. The material is a bit heavier so I wasn’t sure if it would still hold together without actual glue. I always assembled my puzzles on a puzzle board that came with a hardcover, so that makes the process of turning the puzzle over pretty easy. I was on planning on tackling the difficult task of just individually gluing each puzzle piece down onto a piece of cardboard, and then just simply framing it. I just don’t have experience using it on a heavier puzzle, but I have been impressed with how well it has held my Nancy Drew puzzle together. I’ll most likely use an inexpensive poster-type frame for it. Can you tell me where you found it or where I might get one? As mentioned, it’s okay if it overlaps more than a 1/2 inch. Thanks for telling me about it, I will look for it. The images are typically gorgeous, so that could be fun, even if just in a back hallway, back staircase or out of the way spot. Thanks for sharing this product and how easy it is to use. This method can be a bit messy, but it is simpler than applying adhesive glue sheets. Jan 20, 2018 - After all the time you spent finishing that perplexing jigsaw puzzle, **sealing and framing** it allows you to transform your work into a piece of wall art. I know what you mean about pets, especially cats. I wanted a roadster like hers! (One coat should be enough.) I would love to frame it and didn’t like the glue idea. Some as old as 100 years come in looking in near mint condition, while others that are as recent as the disco age look like the some pets or kids got the best of them. Please don’t tell me its been in you puzzle stash for 20 years…, Sure! Dot, I am retired frame puzzles to pass the time and give for gifts used the glue did not know about this product will try thank you for the info. Register with an email address and password. Then in the next picture w/ the rolling pin, all the backing of the glue sheets is matching. Put the finished, glued puzzle on top. Enter your email below: You'll find answers to the most frequently asked questions, Have a question not answered under the FAQ tab? I’m ordering some of those sheets right now. . Hi Pat, where do you find the frames for your puzzles ? Keeping the edges aligned, slowly remove the paper backing, smoothing down the glue sheet as you go to remove any air bubbles. Counted cross-stitch kit includes white 18-ct. fabric, cotton floss, and needle. If you’ve put together a puzzle and you want to preserve it, try gluing it so you can hang it like a picture. http://i.imgur.com/Nq2KWyM.png Thank you ! Knit gauge in st st, size 8 US (5mm) needles: 20 sts and 22 rows = 4" (10.2cm). Your puzzle is great ! I’m talking about your investment in such things as puzzle mats and that great adjustable puzzle board you work on. 24 x 18" (61 x 46cm). It’s so easy! I drew a little arrow pointing to what I’m referring to. Ned Snellgrove was a real lady-killer: he was convicted of ruthlessly murdering Carmen Rodriguez and Karen Osmun. (See the puzzleboard I use here: Puzzleboard.). As you apply each sheet, you overlap it onto the previous sheet by about 1/2 inch. They are such thick, sturdy looking pieces though. Loved Nancy Drew , too ! Holding the two cardboard pieces together, carefully flip the jigsaw puzzle over and remove the pieces of cardboard. It won’t be visible though, once it’s framed or hanging. You can see it underneath the puzzle board in this post. Watch movies, browse the web, or catch up on social media in total comfort with this tablet pillow pad with three viewing angles. http://i.imgur.com/AlrBgJx.png, Hmm .. that’s too hard to see on my computer, I’m afraid. Because of the puzzle board I do my puzzles on can be tilted up, I sometimes just lift up the lower/bottom part of the puzzle (if the pieces are interlocking and holding together well) and slide the puzzle right off the puzzle board onto the foam board, where I used another piece of foam board to flip it. lol) You will have some waste, but that would probably be the simplest way to do it. After that experience, I swore off buying anymore SunsOut puzzles, but I accidentally bought another one. Repeat the process one or two more times. Medium Yarn Weight. I was hoping the tin had a picture of the puzzle on it’s label but it looks to be a tobacco box? I found the lamp in a quaint shop in small town where the owner made figurines into lamps. Thanks for a spectacular blog! Thanks. I like your approach but I may have discovered an even simpler one: AC Moore sells U-clip based picture-frames (marketed as “Classic Metal Picture frames for prints and Photos”). Here are the materials you will need: A puzzle; Poster frame; Puzzle glue ; Poster board or cardboard; Command Strips; First off, get your materials! Watch a serene nature scene with calming yellow hues as you put this puzzle together. Welcome to my addiction! I was just rereading the post and realized that probably looked confusing and was actually writing in a bit more about that. I have never wanted to frame one of my puzzles before and cringed at the thought of the mess of using glue. I also love the way you commit yourself and jump in all the way once you decide to do something. http://i.imgur.com/nepIiAK.png Great tip! What a neat story, Catalynn! That puzzle board has a cover that fits over it for when you want to stop working on a a puzzle temporarily and put it away, or move it to another room. Yes, that works and it will hold a puzzle together for framing, but all the tutorials I found said that it also changed the appearance of the puzzle, sometimes giving it a mat finish. They are very sturdy, variety of piece sizes and interlock great. Carefully slip sheets of wax paper underneath your finished puzzle -- wax paper works better... Sealing Your Work. I am just a tidbit confused (doesn’t take much!) They come in 2×2 dimensions from huge to small. But you did pick some great ones to work with. sure it will take me longer than you but will still be fun. , I was sitting here with a cup of tea and looked at the pics again and I think I might have identified something… it looks like someones eye and maybe the side of a nose. Apparently it isn’t the original tin box as I thought (guess I wasn’t listening to that part closely enough because I was so engrossed in the rest of the story…. Frame sold separately, brings out the beauty of your artwork. http://i.imgur.com/3gzAq2H.png, Can’t really tell what the puzzle might look like, the interviewer asked Ramin Bahrani and he didn’t know either because he’s never assembled it. If you use a puzzle glue, select a liquid version for the best results; spray-on glues may not provide even … They are so relaxing to do in the evening while listening to Audible books. Just trim even with the puzzle edge with an exacto knife. Anne. I also read your post about Small Town Christmas — my mom and whole family would LOVE it. Pssst: I post almost daily to Instagram. Love, love your site and so enjoy it each day! My puzzle is a walt Disney collectable. . . Thanks, Ann! Could you please repeat that information again for us who I’ll have to order some. Ravensburger makes great puzzles. Would mod podge work? I would just handle each piece very carefully and take my time so I didn’t handle them anymore than necessary in putting it together. Email inquiries will be responded to within 24 hours. That’s such a great puzzle Susan.. brings back memories of reading Nancy Drew in bed every night before sleep… loved those books! $10+ to save just ONE puzzle. Bahrani hasn’t assembled the puzzle (for fear of wear and tear on the pieces) but he displayed it for the film and told the story. Once you've completed your puzzle, make sure it's as flat as possible. I am I grew up with Susans and Nancys and Debbies and Kathys and I never hear of anybody naming their girls those names these days. have a good day! You’ll find the puzzle board I love to use when working my puzzles here: Puzzle Board  It really saves my back and will hold puzzles up to 1,000 pieces in size. I am much older than you and I have a great deal of Nancy Drew books from the late forties and early fifties..those with the blue tweed covers. *Subscribe to have updates delivered to your Inbox. Here’s how the peel and stick pieces looked out of the package. After putting the puzzle together, glue it onto a piece of thin wood or cardboard (my mother used to do that all the time). In the picture where you used the two sheets to glue the bottom of the puzzle, a different logo is showing on the top side, obviously the instruction side you mentioned. I think it’s going to be a challenging one with all the water! I would love to see that documentary. anyways… long story short… I also love that the puzzle still looks exactly the same as it did before, something you don’t usually see when using the glue method. I love it and it was so fun to see that someone else had that sweet rabbit. Please refer to our FAQ with any additional questions. The pieces are thin and some of them are even a little damaged at corners. We recently finished a puzzle and want to frame it, and I wasn’t about to pour glue all over the front of it!!! I thought it would be a terrific project to keep us busy this winter during the pandemic. In that photo, I had just placed the last two sheets down to see how they would fit there but hadn’t peeled off the protective sheet yet…the one with the instructions which is what you can see in that picture. It might be worth a try. Due to supply issues with partners, some products may show as temporarily unavailable for purchase or on backorder. How to Preserve and Frame a Jigsaw Puzzle Preparing for Preservation. Hi Susan! They recommend you apply firm pressure to ensure all the puzzle pieces are pressed well down onto the adhesive paper. I want to start my puzzle but want to make sure I wont have to move it and risk it falling apart. How do you get the puzzle turned over with the back facing up without it coming apart? Louella, I put my puzzle together on this puzzle board here: http://amzn.to/2wWtO68 It’s the one I linked to at the end of the post. (haha) I decided I couldn’t wait and would buy just one and give it a try.

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